Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Program is open to all children between the ages of 2 to 9 years, regardless of whether they are currently enrolled at MCDB.   We especially love to welcome back MCDBC alumni students!

Please note that the school will be closed for students on the following dates:

  • June 24th– June 28th(Summer Camp Preparation)
  • July 4th(Independence Day Holiday)
  • August 26th– August 30th(New School Year Planning/CPR/First Aid training, etc.)


  • Children who have a 12 month contract for school year 2019-2020 will automatically be enrolled in all the summer camps with no additional fee.

The weekly camp fees are as follows (for those children not on a 12 month contract):

Pre-Primary Tuition

8:45am - 11:45am$275/week
($225 for the week of July 4th)
8:45am - 03:00pm$375/week
8:45am - 06:30pm$450/week
8:45am - 03:00pm$1,275/month
8:45am - 06:30pm$1,575/month

The tuition for 2 or more consecutive weeks will be pro-rated according to this monthly tuition.

Primary Tuition

8:45am - 11:45am$250/week
($225 for the week of July 4th)
8:45am - 03:00pm$325/week
8:45am - 06:30pm$425/week
8:45am - 03:00pm$1,250/month
8:45am - 06:30pm$1,525/month

Note: Must be toilet-trained.

The tuition for 2 or more consecutive weeks will be pro-rated according to this monthly tuition.

Pre-Primary Class

During the summer months, we continue to provide our toddlers with a prepared environment that encourages independent exploration and movement. The children will work with developmentally appropriate Montessori materials to satisfy their inner impulse for learning.

Primary Transition Class

The transition class is geared towards three year olds, particularly those new to Montessori and those transitioning from the pre-primary class to the primary class. When the children initially enter the primary classroom, the Montessori trained teacher will introduce them to all the different areas of the classroom. The students will experience what a typical schedule is like in the primary classroom, with the benefit of a smaller teacher/student ratio than in a typical primary class. The students will experience the full work cycle including circle time and independent work time. The smaller class size will help the younger students get accustomed to becoming more independent with snack and lunch time, in addition to toileting and using the bathroom on their own.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Program is for children ages four and over. During the summer, we carefully put away many of our Montessori materials, and turn our attention to a variety of exciting, weekly themes. These themes offer a fun way to focus on special areas of interest that we are not able to delve into during the school year. Please take a moment to look at the various themes we will feature this summer.

Brilliant Brains Behind Great Discoveries(Monday, July 1st– Friday, July 5th)

Looking back in history, there are many important scientists who have made critical discoveries that made a lasting impact on our world.  This week our campers will delve into the lives and experiments of five famous scientists. We will explore electricity with Nikola Tesla, physics with Isaac Newton, architecture with Leonardo Da Vinci, the scientific method with Galileo Galilei, and astronomy with Caroline Hershel.   Each day will be a different adventure into these five great minds and their most important discoveries!  We will learn all about each individual scientist, where they came from, what motivated them and what their important contributions to the world were.

Engineering a Dream: The Art of a City Rising (Monday, July 8th– Friday, July 12th)

 Have you ever thought about your community and how you would build or design it to make it better or more creative?  Our campers will become urban planners this summer and engineer their dreams!  We will brainstorm ideas about how to make a city better by designing and building creative things and designing them in a creative space.  Through drawing, painting and other artistic mediums, we will create buildings, roads, parks, services, parking areas and homes; figuring out the best places for each to go.  We will put all of our artistic renderings together and build our own mini metropolis using LEGO bricks, cardboard boxes and other materials.  We can’t wait to see how our mini city develops and evolves over the week in the artistic hands and creative minds of our campers!

Field Trip – The children will visit the National Building Museum for a hands-on workshop on Design and Architecture.

 Electricity and Magnetism – What’s the Attraction?! (Monday, July 15th– Friday, July 19th)

It’s Electric!  Is your child curious about the world and how things work?  This week we will learn all about the power of electricity and how it works.  Our budding scientists will explore magnetism and electricity! We will begin by investigating static electricity using everyday objects. We will build a simple circuit using a battery, wire, and motor, and experiment with different circuit patterns. We will even put our circuit into a Jitterbot to make it draw and dance!

Presentation – The week will end with a visit from the Shenandoah Discovery Museum with a discussion and demonstration of Magnet Magic!

Glide, Flutter, Flap, and Hover – Oh My! (Monday, July 22nd– Friday, July 26th)

What has wings but can’t fly? What has wings and can soar into outer space? From insects to modern technology, wings are amazing bio and mechanical devices that allow one to flow through the air up, down and all around. Experiment with Bernoulli’s principle and its effect on all things that fly. Investigate what flutters, flaps, hovers and glides! Discover how flying predators hunt, how honeybees dance and how even plants can take flight. Use scientific tools and games to explore the world of wings.

Field Trip: We will visit the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum to explore how humans have mastered flight. 

Natural Wonders of the World (Monday, July 29th– Friday, August 2nd)

Our planet is extraordinary! Some of the most extraordinary places on earth are considered the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” which comprise geological, aquatic and astrophysical phenomena.  This week we will travel to four of the Natural Wonders, including Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Victoria Falls in Venezuela and Aurora Borealis in Alaska.   We will learn how these wonders were created and what makes them unique and fascinating to travelers from all over the world.

Field Trip – The week will end with a trip to the Skyline Caverns to enjoy a natural wonder in our own backyard.

Around the World with Food and Games – 2 Weeks

(Monday, August 5th– Friday, August 9th)  And (Monday, August 12th– Friday, August 16th )

What do children have in common all over the world?  They all love the chance to play and enjoy good food!   Over the next two weeks, we will travel the globe to learn about five unique countries, a sport that originated in these countries, and the favorite foods they like to eat.  Along the way, we will also learn what makes the country unique in terms of geography, cultures and customs.  Our travels will send us to:

  • Denmark: Handball Serving Danish
  • Australia: Frisbee up some Lamingtons
  • China: Soccer ala Spring Rolls & Noodles
  • Ireland: Croquet and Croquettes with a side of Soda Bread
  • United States: Volleyball with Cider Doughnuts and Apple Pie

Grab your passport, appetite, sense of teamwork and quest for fun!  These two weeks will most certainly be a great adventure!

Mini Vet School(Monday, August19th– Friday, August 23rd)

Our campers will be introduced to the medical world by learning all about animals and how their owners and veterinarians can best care for them.  We will start out learning basic anatomy terminology, building a skeleton, and making finger casts.  We will invite our campers to bring their favorite stuffed animal to camp, and find out what happens when they visit our own Veterinary Clinic for a check-up!  We will measure and weigh our pets, learn about important Vet supplies and tools, and prepare Vet Exam Reports.  We will examine real animal x-rays and perform a mock surgery.  Throughout the week we will explore the career of a veterinarian and what it takes to be a successful one.  We will also consider the role of a pet owner, how to take good care of your pets and the importance of grooming. We will also examine the etiquette and safety issues you should consider when encountering other people’s pets.  We will even dissect owl pellets and make our own dog treats!

Field Trip: We will visit a local farm with Dr. Laurel Marley, a Veterinarian who specializes in horses.