Environment: Full of opportunity for active exploration and enjoyment in a simple, clean and beautifully arranged nursery featuring a variety of materials ranging in nature, texture and color.

Development: Explore the sights, sounds and feel of the world and develop important social, physical, cognitive and emotional skills.

Motive: Observe and follow your child’s individual feeding, napping, and playing schedule while providing ample opportunities for social engagement with classmates and teachers.


Environment: Encouraging independent exploration and movement.

Development: Learning by observing and absorbing the environment.

Motive: Satisfying inner impulse for learning.

Material: Child-size furniture and Montessori material.

Primary Program

Environment: Fostering intellectual development through independent exploration.

Development: “Daily Living” – Working with activities to live independently and instill confidence.
“Sensorial Living”: Refining sensory perceptions to touch, light, sound.

Motive: Enhancing awareness of the world through geography, science, art, and music.

Applying sensory perceptions to mathematics and language concepts.

Kindergarten Program

Environment: Mastering the concepts outlined in the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Motive: Better understanding the world around them.

Development: : Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History, Geography, Spanish, Art, and Yoga.

6 to 8 field trips a year to various museums, parks, and Performing Arts Centers