Montessori 101 – What is Montessori all About?


Do you hope to ignite your young child’s love of learning and lay the foundation for a fulfilling future? The Montessori approach to early childhood education will begin that process in a joyful, secure, and loving environment in which your young child will thrive.

Join us for a Parent Education Session on Friday, April 5th from 8:45 – 9:45 am at our 42200 Glascock Field Drive, Dulles Campus – across from Stone Springs Hospital.   All are Welcome!

Our Montessori Certified Director, Ms. Deepa, will explain the history of Montessori education, the basic tenets of the philosophy, how a Montessori classroom is set up and what the purpose behind all the materials in the classroom is.  Ms. Deepa will show how we create a customized environment crafted to your child’s unique abilities, interests, and learning style. She will also demonstrate specially designed manipulative materials that invite exploration and engage the senses in the process of learning.