FREE Parent Education Session: Secrets of Calm Parenting Sat. 3/30

Secrets of Calm Parenting with Dr. Rene Hackney – Saturday, Mar. 30th 9:30 -11:30 am at our Gainesville campus (14130 Glenkirk Rd, Gainesville, VA 20155) .  Do you find yourself feeling upset and reacting emotionally to your children’s behavior? Do you feel anxious when you see your child struggle? Have you ever over-reacted to your child’s emotion out of your own anxiety? As parents, our way of coping with difficult situations can model either calm or chaotic reactions. Our reactions affect the overall feeling of calm or stress in the home. If parents are able to remain calm despite difficult or changing circumstances, children can learn to do the same. Dr. Rene will teach parents how to manage their own frustration, anger and anxiety, which will help them nurture an atmosphere where children can thrive through adversity. ALL are welcome – Please bring a friend!