4/21/18 – FREE Parent Education Session: Having Difficult Conversations with your Child

Montessori of Chantilly Invites you to attend
A FREE Parent Education Seminar
Featuring Dr. Rene Hackney
Saturday, April 21st
10 am to 12 pm
GAINESVILLE campus (14130 Glenkirk Rd. 20155).

Try as we might, we cannot shield our children from today’s dangers, violence or tragedies. Instead, parents need to talk to their children about what is happening. These are tough conversations to have, but discussing difficult events in age appropriate language can actually help a child feel safer and more secure.

Dr. Rene will address the following questions and more . . .
* How should I approach a difficult subject with my child?
* Is it necessary to tell my child the truth, even if it is scary?
* Is it ok to answer my child’s question with the phrase “I don’t know”?
* How does the anxiety we feel as parents affect our child’s ability to cope with tough situations?

We hope you can all join us for this valuable and informative session with Dr. Rene.
ALL are Welcome.
Please bring a friend with you!
For more information: www.mcdbc.com